Blame It On Texas By Amie Louellen

Blame It on Texas - Amie Louellen

i been reading this off and on for 10 days. This a sexy and fun read. Couldn't stop thinking about it. I been wondering why i haven't seen any blonde cowboy romance til i stumbled upon this book. This book is about a woman returning to Texas and want Ritt Mccoy to sign the divorce papers so she can return to her own life but proven to be difficult because Ritt doesn't want a divorce nor ready to sign divorce papers in the beginning. She pegs him as stubborn and he thought the same of her. The bickering between them is funny and i had a good laugh. They dance around desire and push away. They are the most stubborn characters i ever seen til everything start changing. Shelby and Ritt set on a journey of hurt, finding love again and happiness. Unfortunately this is definitely a HEA, no surprise there but i am happy about that though. I enjoyed this book and i definitely check out more from this author.