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Blame It on Texas - Amie Louellen

Shelby and Ritt are both stubborn as i don't know what. The typical stereotype cowboy stubborn type of cowboy. Haunted by the past of losing his child, wife and giving up his scholarship for his wife to only for her to leave to give her husband the chance to live his dream but only thing he wanted was his wife and child. Now that she is back, he questions of her reasons of being back, other than divorce she claims she wants.This book is good so far despite the characters being stubborn and wish they stop dancing around the desire and give in already! Shelby did kiss him and feel hurt when Ritt turn her down but i believe she is in denial. Each chapter seems to drag on with having alot of pages but i manage to get through it and feel like it's gonna be a good book. Even tho i started reading this book so many days, actually a day before i added it to my currently reading pile and happy that i am finally half through and been between books as well. Can't wait til to see how it turns out.