Butters Come Home By Claudette Melanson

Butters Comes Home (Butters #1) - Claudette Melanson, Rachel Montreuil
Read on January 25, 2017


When i read this book, i smile and thought this book was very heart-warming and very age appropriate for young children. It tells a story of a baby rabbit and keeps getting rejected because he is too big for the people because they are looking for much smaller baby bunny til one day a woman takes him home. I thought this was a sweet, fun read and planning on reading it again but this time to my son. I hadn't read a book about rabbits for a long time since peter rabbit and when i read one again, it reminds why i like this kind of books about bunnies. It's adorable and i enjoy reading them. I am adult but After all, i am a big kid at heart. I recommend this to my friends and family.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.