movie: The Longest Week

I saw this movie at my local library and put a hold on it two days ago. I was excited to see it automatically check out to me when i checked my account today. I surprised to see olivia wilde in this movie because i never seen any movies before but heard of her and when i started watching it, i quickly into the storyline of the movie but i also found it weird too. The dialogue was different and i actually laughed throughout the movie. I thought Conrad was nasty because he gets aroused by seventeen year old soccer girls and was enthusiastic to wanting to play with them. The classical music is not my style of music nor my cup of tea but i tolerate it because i wanted to keep watching the movie. Before the movie came to a close, i had a feeling that dylan and Beatrice was going to end up together because i was thinking out loud,' why i had a feeling they were going to end up together.' to myself. Sometimes i have a feeling something is bound to happen. Surprisingly i wasn't upset by it, i still enjoyed the movie regardless. I'm a fan of jason Bateman and seen almost all his movies that he's in so it's easy to enjoy this movie. Surprisingly also, the behavior of the two men when they talk weird didn't bother me. But however, what i found funny is dylan couldn't stand joslyn and he end up making out with her then took her talk? I actually thought they was going to get it on. And another thing that made me laugh is that he was wearing purfume instead of cologne the woman lead him on to believe. That's absolutely hilarious. I can't wait to watch this movie again someday, i loved it.