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As I Am - AnnaLisa Grant

Yassssss. They are at camp finally and can't wait for the fun to start.  My thoughts are: WHY IS THE BOOK SO SLOW and does the other twin have to be cheerful? omg if this story wasn't so good i would've thrown my phone out of the window. So anyways  the story has just started and is slow at the moment. The humor is what gets me the most in this book. I finally got back in it after abandoning it for awhile. What i don't like is that the twin sister is promiscuous and slept with the guy that her sister likes. Then she said that she has to bunk with someone else. Whadda ya mean she has to bunk with someone else?!? I don't care how nice she is about it but that's cold. She mean well and says it gives a opportunity to make friends but come on, think about your sister feelings. It's bad enough she's a goody two shoes and the other twin being rebellious. To the 'goody two shoes' sister, don't be a pushover and let people everyone walk over you. Your a pretty girl and all, but sweetie learn to put your foot down with your twin sister or anyone that walks all over you. a closed mouth don't get fed. Enough said, this book is good so far.