I scared this dude real bad because i was  acting like i was going to fight him because he is stressing my mother out and wouldn't leave her alone. My mom said," was you really going to fight him." i was like," no." my mom then said," or was you trying to scare him." i was like," yeah." and grinned. My mom noticed that i must really scare him because he doesn't bother her anymore. I hate scaring people but once someone mess with my mom you'll mess with me. I'm the protective type and a mama's girl. It's just the way i am.



I tried  review clubs and the two books i got are boring. I got on my friends Porscha's and samuel's accounts and got four more books and it was the same result. Review clubs don't seem to have good books. I am hoping to find more review clubs and hopefully bam i will find a good book. That'll be great if i did.