Well, That's all folks. Good news i almost have all 500 books for my reading list for 2016. Hopefully i can surpass my reading goal and read more than that. So I'm going to wait and see. And also good news is i hadn't gotten sick since March. I been feeling lousy here and there but i hadn't really been sick. Which is good since i hate getting sick and feeling like a child with a fever. My son joshua had colic one time and i couldn't lay him down to sleep  because he would cry so i held him almost all night til my mom carried him and tucked him in. I don't mind holding though. He didn't cry when she picked him up and he's a grandma's boy so I'm not surprised. he also a mama's boy too so it doesn't bother me that he's both. He loves us both equally and that's all that matters. I might get a job soon, waiting for Silvia call me back to let me know if she got me the job. The job program going through is alliance it's under alta regional center for people with disabilities. If i don't hear nothing by next month I'm going to apply for a job before first they want you to volunteer before you get the job. As along i get the job then I'm cool with volunteering. I'm also starting online college classes soon as i complete my GED. Can't wait I'm going to study criminal justice and entrepreneurship. Hopefully i can finally get my dream business up amd running. My plan is I'm going to be a lawyer for awhile til i opened my business. To be brutally honest i hate lawyers. They sit there and lie instead helping their clients like they should. I witnessed it first-hand when i was going through a custody battle. Joshua's dad Maurice sit there and said," that's weird, i wasn't on the birth certificate." I told my lawyer that  me and maurice isn't married. You have to be married to be on the birth certificate and he didn't understand that. He wasn't hardly there for my son, why act like he's care. It's all act for him and he knows i wasn't keeping my son for him but he finds a way to throw it back in my face. I told him if he don't shape up and be a dad to joshua, i find someone that will. I didn't know it was going scare him off and disappear. I guess he doesn't like that my openminded self and i speak what's on my mind. There's times i don't because i bite my tongue and keep my sarcasm under control and my anger, but that's only i did for the law. To keep my mouth shut. The cops took my son out of my home when he was eight months old because my roommate was dirty and to my relief i got my baby back 5 days later but my roommate was drunk too. Now i look back and regret living there with him. But despite my roommate's antics if you look at it in a way I'm glad i lived there because a beautiful boy was born and he's my miracle baby, because i was beginning to think i couldn't have children because i have a rare blood type  AB negative and have abnormal cells. I have to get shots annually for it. After 7 years later, my honest opinion is I don't regret having my son. I hope to see my son soon, he's visiting his dad and finally after all these years his dad is finally clean! He came out of rehab recently and he's doing better. I'm so happy for him!