"Oh, we're ecstatic. Except for when he sneaks out at eleven o'clock at night to rip a red thong off some cyber-slut." Ellie shook her head and lifted her chin.

"The important thing is that you've busted him and he doesn't know it yet. You've got the upper hand!" Mara's blue eyes gleamed. "Now you can get all your ducks in a row before you make your move. You're going to take him for everything he's got. He'll end up penniless and alone, begging you to take him back, you'll spit on---"

"Excuse me," Jen finally broke in. " when did this turn into a bad honky-tonk song?"

"If it were a honky-tonk song, she'd just grab his shot-gun off the front porch and blow him away," Mara said.

"But you just said that you're not going to marry Josh."

"Of course I'm not. The man called me a filthy whore." Mara waved the pre-nup.

Mara slung one arm around her and gave her a squeeze. "Welcome to the other side, babe. We've been waiting for you."

The Pre-nup by Beth Kendrick


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