"Aw, come on, Bella. You know you want to touch her." Stopping his washing
motion, he had an evil glint in his eye as he coaxed her closer.

When she got with in a few feet of the car, Seth grabbed the bucket of warm
sudsy water and threw its contents at her! Ducking, Isabella laughed as most of the
suds had missed her.

"Very funny, Romeo, but I don't need a bath." Wiping off some stray suds, she
walked around the front of the car with an innocent smile, or at least she hoped it was
innocent. "I gotta run, Seth. I have some things to do before I go over and fix the old
man's supper."

"You're gonna leave before the waxing?" Seth pouted. This subject was an
ongoing battle between them.

"You're a big boy, Seth. You can wax her all by yourself, but you're not going to
con me into it. Have one of the guys come over and help you. I know for a fact Garth
would love to get his hands on her.”

"Like hell he will," he growled in a good-natured tone. "Come give me a hug
before you go, shrimp."

Laughing, she stepped close enough to give him a one-armed hug but she wasn't
surprised when he plopped the warm soapy sponge on her bare back.

"I do believe you need to cool off.” She smiled and dumped the entire contents of
her cold water bottle down his back in retaliation.

"Son of a...” Gasping as the cold water ran down his back. She darted away from
him. Immediately, he went after her.

Just Between Friends by Dakota Trace