Reading progress update: I've read 14 out of 398 pages.

Team Lucas - Ally Adams

When i started this book i knew it was going to be good and had a good laugh. When lucas let her drive his car and asking her to slow down, i could tell he was scared after he flew out of the car when he open the door soon as she parked. She gave him a taste of his medicine and damn he met his match. When he made a perverted comment and when she said something sarcastic back. I was like perverts but laughed though. Lucas is a sport star and the damsel in distress, Mia was sent to control him by his father. These two are a hot mess and take each other's crap. A match made in heaven and whole  alot of sarcasm intented with both parties makes you wanna fidget. Surprisingly none of them had tap out or break yet. This girl is cool, she likes vampire diaries and Netflix is outdated now by her. Book is good so far ♏