sweet love they have.

Sharing Sam - Katherine Applegate

I think Allison is really sweet that she helped sam after he fell off his bike on the horse trail. I wish my parents had love like Allison's parents but it's sad they don't. They always fighting and have a dysfunctional relationship. I'm used to it when they do that but I'm just saying. When izzy was dying and after she died, it hit a sore subject in the book when they were talking about her. It totally shocked me that izzy knew all of long and I said out loud "she knew all of along omg." I really love this book and it had it's funny moments too. I died laughing when jane said. "You nasty bird." When he said," nice caboose." That was the funniest thing about the book. I'm glad that Allison and sam end up together, I thought it was really sweet what sam and Allison did for izzy, they made her happy and that's all that matters. I'm glad that I discovered this book randomly when I looked up my best friend's boyfriend. I enjoyed reading it!